ALL Registration for the 2013/2014 seasons will be made online and must be paid by credit card.  If you do not have a credit card, please consider purchasing a prepaid or reloadable Visa or Mastercard.

Players who are eligible to play as an Under 19 Youth require CVASA Executive Board approval before participation.  Please contact BEFORE registering.

All Players must register individually!

 Fall 2013 Season
    Sept 9 - Oct 14, Rain / Bye Week Oct 22
    6 matches on Monday nights
    Registration Closes August 27
    7v7 on U12 Fields
    Max roster 12 players    
    May Request only 2 teammates
Indoor Session One
    Dates TBD
    4 matches at 6, 7, 8 and 9 pm Wednesday
    3 v 3
    Max roster 6 players
    Sign up for a team

Indoor Session Two
    Dates TBD
    8 matches at 8 or 9 pm M-TH
    Max roster 6 players
    Sign up for a team

Spring 2014 Season
    April 14 - May 19, Rain/Bye week May 26
    6 matches on Monday Evenings
    Registration closes March 31
    7v7 on U12 Fields

Summer 2014 Season
    June 9 - July 28, Rain/Bye week Aug 4
    8 matches on Monday Evenings
    Registration closes June 1 
    11 v 11 on Full Size Fields
    Sign up for a team

Fall Only:                      $65
Spring Only:                  $65
Summer Only:                $70

Fall and Spring:              $110
Spring and Summer Full:   $110
Fall, Summer, and Spring: $170
Indoor Session I, 3v3 $60
Indoor Session II, 3v3 $60

If you want the multiple season discount, you must sign up for all seasons at one time.

Fees for this year include increases for referee fees, field fees, and additional matches in the summer.
Players requesting teammates should coordinate and requests for all three players should match i.e.:
    Mary requests George and Greg
    Greg requests George and Mary
    George requests Mary and Greg